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Starter Syndrome

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Starting is the easy part, as what does it really take to start something in this day and age?

“Hey, I bought the domain name so now I’ve just started my latest and greatest website that will change the world. “

“I typed a few words into a document for the new book I am writing. “

“I just came up with this great new business idea—now I just need to research it some more.”

The research stage is the is the early stage of the condition. It’s quite simple to avoid actually producing by hiding behind research. The web searches. The amazing new ebook that is going to revolutionize everything. This is a dangerous trap as we live in a world with unlimited stack of information that just keeps on growing and growing. Not to say that there aren’t things to be researched but the trap is a risky one. While that is going on the technology and world is changing.

For one affected by “Starter Syndrome” interests and motivation start to drop and their mind starts to move into the next stage of this continuous loop. We abandon one idea without fully admitting to themselves that they are abandoning it; it stays in the back of our minds as we move onto the next huge thing.

We move into the later stages of “Starter Syndrome” where it is more of the same but this time with the added frustration over the hours wasted and the money spent with nothing to show. The afflicted now has the decision to make of whether he or she are ready to admit that we will never do it or to hold onto the dream.

Unfortunately, there is not simple cure for Starter Syndrome. The “Get Off Your Ass Pill” is unfortunately something that the government is keeping in trials. I can’t say I have found the solution but heading into 2014 this is my plan to overcome:

  1. Dump all the abandoned ideas and start with a clean slate. Yes, you may lose a domain name but there are plenty more out there.
  2. Identify the fears holding you back. You need to admit it before you can move forward.
  3. Identify the legitimate hurdles you may encounter before you start. Is technology an issue for you? Then figure out a platform that will allow you to overcome those challenges or make the solid plan and commitment to learn before getting stuck in the research loop.
  4. Don’t follow the herd and all the experts. You don’t need to get caught up in all the best practices and optimizations to start. Best to avoid most advice and save that for later.
  5. Keep it to one idea. Take the others and write them down somewhere so you won’t forget them when you are ready for your next project. But keep it simple and focused.

Unfortunately, this is a condition I have suffered from for too many years. This post is an example of my implementation of these steps. I have wanted to start several blogs but get stalled on all the fine points and advice. This site is a simple way for me to start sharing my ideas and overcome this disease once and for all.

Of course, I may just need to do a bit of research.

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