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Do You Know Where Your Brand Advocates Are Hiding?

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Treat everyone with human decencyCommunity and social engagement are two terms that companies are always talking about these days. Along with that is the idea of your top fans, your promoters, or simply your brand advocates.

What amazes me is how many otherwise excellent companies really miss the opportunity when it comes to connecting with potential advocates for their company. It may not be the most successful, or the one with the most Twitter followers, it could be the one with a small following but that they are actually connected and engaged with them.

Another surprising opportunity that almost every organization misses is the possibility to connect with those that took the time to apply to their organization for a job. If a candidate is applying for a job in the right way, they have taken some time to research the company, maybe test out the product, and with many applications spent a considerable amount of time to complete it. I have heard many hiring managers speaking about the need to stand out with your application. Many companies ask you for videos, to find obscure answers on their website, or write detailed essays.

Businesses are connected these days and the candidate who you didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to, may be the one selecting the product you sell at the job they do get.

In any interaction a business takes part of, they should respect the person they are dealing with as a human and make the most of that opportunity.

It goes back to that topic that keep coming up everywhere these days, be a human. Amazing how often we need to repeat it, but it seems that behind keyboards many seem to forget it.

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