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The Six Must Read Email Newsletters for Anyone in Tech

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2015 was the year of the curated email newsletter and they’re still going strong at the start of 2016. There are many great ones out there and here are 3 daily emails and 3 weekly emails that will keep you current on technology, startups, world events, and more.

Daily Emails:

Inside Daily Brief- started this year and is getting such excellent engagement that they are changing the business of from apps to email. Jason Calacanis, founder of wrote about the pivot in this article This newsletter covers the broadest range of items from tech, world events, and more.

Mattermark Daily- This newsletter curated by Nick Frost and the Mattermark team focusses on technology and entrepreneurship. They divide the newsletter into “From the Investors” and “From the Operators” so you are getting the perspective of both sides of the tech world.

theSkimm- I am not at all in the target demographic of this newsletter but I still look forward to it each morning. the Skimm gives an overview on what is happening in the world and some entertaining explanations of our political system and candidates. With all the motivation to avoid the news, the Skimm will keep you current on what is going on.

Weekly Newsletters:

SaaS Weekly by Hiten Shah – Each week Hiten collects some of the top articles relating to SaaS and startups. Each issues always seems to have a couple of articles that I hadn’t seen before.

Tech Caucus is a relatively new email curated by Ben Parr, there is a panel of technology experts that are identified as a group, but the individual quotes are not attributed to anyone so that they can speak more freely. Provides some great insight on what is really going on in the tech world.

Baremetrics Dispatch- is curated by Josh Pigford, the founder of Baremetrics, a Stripe analytics SaaS. Another great collection of articles on starting, building, and growing a company.

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